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Kitzhaber still holds big lead in Oregon Gov

An exclusive FOX 12 Oregon Public Broadcasting survey showed Gov. John Kitzhaber has a big lead in the Oregon 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone governor's race, with a 21 point advantage over challenger Dennis Richardson."Let's be very real here and say it would take a major political earthquake to turn this race around," said Buy Cheap Jintropin Online FOX 12 political analyst Tim Hibbitts, whose firm, DHM Research, conducted the survey of 500 likely voters.Hibbitts said it's unclear how major the recent revelations about the first lady will be. Forty percent of the survey had already Masteron A Proviron been conducted by the time the public learned about Cylvia Hayes' illegal marriage and the Willamette Week investigation into potential conflicts of interest between her role as first lady and her consulting business.But Hibbitts said those developments had little impact on how people felt about the governor."But let me also say that sometimes these things can take a while to have an impact if they're going to have "Anaboliset Aineet" an impact and we don't know where else this story is going to go," Hibbitts said.It's unclear where it's going, but Hibbitts said it's clear the story about whether the governor's office changed ethical standards for Hayes to operate out of the governor's mansion is not going away."It's never helpful to your campaign three weeks before the election to have this kind of story come out, but I would also say given the fact that the governor has a Methandienone Msds 21 point lead, he is well positioned to be cushioned," Hibbitts said.Only 29 percent of those surveyed chose Republican state Rep. Dennis Richardson. Hibbitts said Richardson will get some undecided voters but not likely enough to win."The reality is in politics, you can't beat a horse 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone with no horse," said Hibbitts. "The governor is a tried and true politically, and he's won three statewide elections, and the Republicans have simply nominated a candidate for a variety of reasons who has not been able to capture the buy cheap jintropin online attention of voters."Even if Kitzhaber is re elected, Hibbitts said the ethics investigation will likely drag on and will cost him political capital during his new term.Man to be charged for "Wings on Pigs" Facebook commentMan to be charged for "Wings on Pigs" Facebook commentUpdated: Monday, December 22 2014 6:41 PM EST2014 12 22 23:41:21 GMTPolice say Charles Dirosa wrote a threatening comment on his Facebook page on Monday. He will be summonsed to court. (CPD)A Chicopee man who officials say made a threatening comment towards police on a social media page will be charged.A Chicopee man who officials say made a threatening comment towards Steroids Injection Gone Wrong police on a social media page will be charged.

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